4 Essential Factors To Consider When Installing Solar Panels

Posted on: 4 May 2021

Installing solar panels offers many benefits to property owners, including minimizing carbon footprint, cutting down utility bills, and boosting a home's value. However, many factors come into play when installing solar systems. As you explore your options when planning to install your solar panels, consider these crucial factors to guide your decision.  

The Roof's Condition

Before installing solar panels, it's imperative to inspect the condition of your roof thoroughly. Since solar installation requires panel mounting, you must understand the total weight they will add to your home's roof. A professional roof inspection will help you determine the number of panels you'll require mounting on your roof and the roof's capacity to withstand the extra weight.  

Besides the condition of your roof, inspection helps you assess the roof layout, the material used, and its direction. Some service providers might charge more to conduct installations depending on the roofing material used and complexity, like ceramic tile or concrete. 

The Location 

Solar panels generate more power with an extended exposure time to sunlight. According to a report, homes located in the southwestern states enjoy more sunlight exposure. While homes located in cloudy states might use solar energy, they would need more solar panels to compensate for low solar radiation. 

Another crucial factor besides location is your home's orientation. Southeastern and southwestern-facing roofs enjoy more solar exposure compared to northern-facing roofs. Furthermore, avoid any obstructions on your roof, including satellite dishes that impede solar energy production. 

Time Vs. Cost

Installing a solar power system is a significant project which over time can save you more money on utility bills and enhance your home's value. However, you ought to consider the time alongside the solar installation budget. For instance, determine the number of years you want to live in your home. After a full-service solar installation, you might start enjoying reduced energy costs, but it may take a while to offset the system costs through the savings. If you have plans to remain in your home for many years to come, solar panel installation makes an excellent investment. However, if you are constantly relocating after few years in one area, then solar installation might not be a feasible idea.

The Quality of Solar Panel Installation

Finally, it's a wise idea to work with reliable solar panel installers with impressive track records and experience. Check out client reviews and testimonies to find out reputable solar system installation companies. Since the solar power industry is growing faster, you require reassurance that the installer will offer a warranty and high-quality installation of the solar panels. Work with companies that are more than ready to provide a free onsite assessment.

For more information, contact a solar installation service in your area.