Use Colorful LED Panels To Create A Unique Lighting Setup

Posted on: 16 July 2020

If you want to add ample lighting to a room that is going to be used predominantly for socializing, meditating, or listening to music, a colorful display on the ceiling or the wall will provide an interesting look, in comparison to standard lighting that requires an incandescent bulb. Color changing LED light panels can be used to create a unique lighting setup that is both visually alluring and cost-effective.

The Difference Between Old Bulbs And LED Panels

Incandescent bulbs used to be found in just about every home, but this lighting source has been pushed aside and replaced with LED technology. Incandescent bulbs are inexpensive to purchase, but the amount of output that one receives from this lighting source can make it necessary to purchase additional bulbs on a frequent basis.

Additionally, this classic lighting style tends to consume a lot of energy, driving up electrical costs. An LED light source is cost-effective and one bulb has the potential to last for years. An electrical current passes through a microchip and illuminates the light-emitting diodes that comprise a bulb, resulting in visible light.

A Light Setup That Will Allow You To Control The Ambiance

LED light panels that change colors, either by touch or a timed reaction, will add a layer of intrigue to a room that is going to be utilized for creative, relaxing, or social purposes. Some LED panels are designed to be anchored to a wall and other ones can be installed inside of a recessed frame that is attached to a ceiling.

If you purchase a kit that contains multiple panels that can be secured to a portion of a wall that furnishings will be placed next to, you can instantly change the mood and design style of the layout of the room, simply by switching the color that is emitted from each panel. There are kits that include a remote control setup, which will coordinate the speed of each color change.

With this type of lighting, you can allow the lights to turn each color of the rainbow or you can slow things down so that the lights remain one solid color or change at a delayed pace. Before you make a lighting upgrade, be aware of any electrical components that you will need, to perform the installation.

If a toggle switch is going to be used in conjunction with a ceiling light setup, have an electrician aid you with the upgrade. For a plug-in model that features an electrical cord, you may need a power strip to aid in connecting the lighting, if all of the outlets in the room are not located near the area where the LED light panels will be displayed.

To learn more information, reach out to an LED light panel company near you.