Things To Get Right In A Tiny Home Design

Posted on: 29 May 2017

If you have a modest amount of money to spend and want to be a property owner, tiny homes may be the way to go. There are a few concerns for your health, happiness, and safety that relate specifically to tiny homes, so follow these tips for a smooth design.

Space Utilization

Everything in a tiny home, from the bed to the cabinets, is designed to be space efficient. When you start your research on tiny home design, check what sizing others have used for common household elements. You probably won't be shopping at a box store, but rather choosing space-saving elements that are custom designed for your home.


Plumbing for a tiny home is difficult if you will be mobile or if you won't have access to sewage systems. Make sure you research the cost of maintaining your own composting toilet and having it maintained on a regular basis.


Wiring is a tricky issue as well, especially if you will be relying on off-the-grid power sources. Speak with an electrician about how to safely wire a tiny home to connect to a generator or other non-traditional power grid. There may be certain home appliances and fixtures that don't work well with your electrical setup.

Design and Decor

You want to choose decor that makes the space brighter and airier. Light colors are a good choice for the interior of a tiny home. Large windows will make the space feel larger. As far as decor goes, you want to choose just a few pieces that are compact in space. All you may need is one design feature that gives the space personality.


Last but not least, security is an issue with tiny home design. All of your possessions are within such a small range, and it's easy for an intruder to tell whether you're home or not. So, home security becomes even more important.

Thankfully, if your tiny home is constructed out of shipping containers or the like, your wall material will not be vulnerable to intrusion. But choose the thickness of glass wisely for window and doors. And consult a locksmith for additional info and about options within your budget for improving entryway security. It may mean that you get high security locks that are less vulnerable to lock bumping. You might splurge for an alarm or even electronic locks. But definitely take the security aspect of your tiny home seriously.